Friday, December 23, 2005

Hidden Fantasies

Rabies and Metalmen,
I have drafted my raunchy lists of naughty fantasies, and made this a place for us to come and visit. Imagine pillows, talk, and tea.

You know me, don't you? When i see something beautiful, or hear something terrible, or meet someone quotable, where do i go? To you. I love to tell you my stories, and I love to hear yrs.
I have not abandoned my Subrosa, only those send the view of a fading memory. I have set my will toward creating a newness to surround me. I'm searching for wonder and sagas and Sega, and i want you with me. The only thing greater than finding is sharing. Would you like some of my pie? Go ahead, it's "insert favorite pie here". Love, me.