Thursday, September 28, 2006

study is for the quiet

I didnt have anything like this when I went to school. I wonder if that is why I have no regard for nature and the beauty it wants to show me...........
there are many spots on this school for everyone to sit and relax. Sit by the pond and enjoy the koi....sit by the koi and enjoy the music of brass band club...sit by the pool, and listen to the birds in the trees. The kids told me that. Toby, this is what you can do to have a good time in Shimada Koko. This place is more amazing than i thought it could be, and all because of the kids. All cuz of the kids......

Shimada Koko

Take off your outdoor shoes and put on your indoor everyone here it is normal.
But to me, it is still a little strange. It is okay though, cuz it makes the school stay clean, and its worth it!!!! Fo Real
The front...mae!
What is school like? It is like this, friends. You should wish to have gone to school in Shimada, Japan. It is wonderful here.

japan in three words

Radio exercise, Do you know? Many factories in Japan have their employees do morning radio do many students. It is very common and everyone knows the drill....except me. But i'm learning, and its not really that hard. It reminds me of the Simpsons when Mr. Burns makes Homer do those exercises. I wish i was Japanese!
Bananas in Pajamas, come walking down the stair....they don't know Bananas in Pajamas, but they love B in P....i love these kids, like for sure!!!!
Me and Snoopy...i miss knotts, but not really..
Final Countdown...I think White usual, right? Ah funny!
Red Team, team Mickey Mouse....
This is the coolest thing I've seen...for real, and I've seen many a cool thing. I might compare this to the tomato smash of Barcelona, yet I can't because these are just kids...they beat Barcelona in a heartbeat!

I heart school!

Kawaii, ne?
Girls are golden!
These kids are fucking awesome. Aren't they?

Jump, jump, jump...multi-talented...brilliant and athletic!
Winning the relay, a la Tony Montana.....
Are these not the cutest kids you've seen like ever? Boys in touch with their pink, feminine sides...i don't think you'd see this anywhere but here.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Distractions Everywhere

And while that is true, i have also been using my internet time doing work related activities. I'm trying to get this blog organized for the kids, and i want it to be nice, so they'll be into it. If you wanna check it out, here it is.

Shimada High School

I have so much to write here, but I just haven't the time.
The truth is, though, that I like not having the time.
It feels good.

By the way, I know I fucked up the sidebar. You ain't gots to complain. I'll fix it when I've the TIME!!!!

Saturday, September 02, 2006


I don't know the names on any of these characters, but I thought they looked pretty cool. These are taken by a large shrine close to the Horai bridge.

Getting Comfortable

I took this picture for every question I get about sushi. This is sushi sold at the supermarket. Look how expensive it is. Well, that is because everything is expensive.

I took this picture especially for Traci, because these are little plastic food toys that go in a doll house's kitchen.

The two students sent to the English Speech contest from my high school won both first and second place. Yay.

Taiko-traditional Japanese drums. I have a video of the performance here. Unfortunately, my camera is cheap, does not have sound, or a large memory card. So this performance is very short and silent.

For some reason the link thing is not working on this, so you'll have to copy and paste.

If you like that video, here is one of karaoke night with other jets and new japanese friends.


Here is a better picture of my messy living room.

This is a picture of the McDonald's menu.

The Horai Bridge is the longest wooden pedestrian foot bridge in the world. It crosses the Oi River, or Oigawa.

Here is the Horai bridge. They charge 100 and something yen to cross it, but I didn't really want to because it is very long, and leads to a forest. My theory on forests is that I'm going to be attacked by mosquitos. Ka like me for some reason. The charge to cross this bridge it is based on the honor system, a wooden box asking you to drop in some yen welcomes you to the long walk over a close to empty riverbed. See what I mean?

This is Shimada High School. Most people just shorten the name to Shimako. I heard a commotion outside my team teaching classroom, and went over to the window to see some action. A group of about eight boys were screaming like if one of them were getting the shit beat outta them, I was confused, and they saw me peering from the window. They all pointed up, and this is what I saw. If that's not the cutest, most innocent display of Japan's high-school aged youth, I don't know what is!

So these vending machines are not only in Tokyo. I found the afterhour party about 10 minutes from my house. Hell Ya!