Sunday, May 28, 2006

New Beginnings

That last post was actually done 5 minutes ago, even though it shows the date of December 23rd. You probably don't want to know this but I edited a posting of an old fantasy that I couldn't bear to keep in list of drafts. Honestly, it made me a bit nauseous to read it, and I must have had a bit too much to drink because it was scattered with spelling errors. Oh definitely drinking, I mean 2 days before Christmas? Highly probable.
Anyhow, I am moving to Japan in a week and 2 months, and I am full of nervous energy. Sometimes the excitement feels like fear, and other times it feels like a bowl of cold cherries. I have ALOT of preparations to make, money to save, things to sell, and of course, family and friends to relish. With ketchup, of course.
Uh, dumb. "whatever, i do what i want."
When I read about the area I'm heading to, I get giddy. When I originally did my application, it was done in haste. Essay written in a night, placement preferences chosen with very little knowledge except of their place on a map. All I knew is that they were the least snowy. Luckily, I was not placed in any of the three preferences. Instead, I'll be chilling by a very famous dormant volcano, close to the ocean, in a city with a large University where I'm sure I'll find many wonderful things. If you are interested, look at those links I put up on Shizuoka.
You'll see, it's cool.