Teaching ESL Resources

I am always searching for lesson creation materials online, and I figured that it's about time to collect them all on one single page. Not only will it benefit me in keeping track of the links, but I realized it could also benefit many of my readers who are also ESL teachers. Many of these resources are shared by other teachers, and I've explored their recommendations and added them to my own list.

Previously "It takes Two", Eigo Bento is a Shizuoka JET sponsored book of lesson plans created by the JET community.

A to Z: Teacher's Stuff website
This website is designed for activities for young students, but there are many useful things that could be used even in the ESL high school level classroom.

A to Z: Teacher's Stuff website/Word Search Generator Personally, I hate giving word searches as an activity because I think it's wasting the little and valuable time that we get with students, where they could be doing something interactive and communicative. However, let's face it, sometimes a word search works well in an emergency when your lesson isn't going as planned and you have to abort and find a new activity all quick-like. So, anyway, here's a word search generator where you can personalize it with their own vocabulary words rather than generic copies that you pull from the web.

ESL Printables for Teachers is a website for ESL teachers which has many helpful supplementary material such as easily printable flash cards, bingo cards, award certificates, music sheets with mother goose nursery rhymes, clip art, phonics worksheets, and games. As well as a curriculum for teaching young children for those who are expected to teach elementary school without any guidance.

Dave's ESL cafe is probably the most popular, used and referenced website for teacher's lesson plans, but I think it has shifted away from supporting teacher's teaching, and instead focusing more on being a job search website.