Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I received my packet of information last friday before the LA orientation. It contained my assignment city. Shimada-shi. I had trouble finding information on the web, but eventually I located it. It is on the banks of the hanky panky, i mean the OI river. I am happy and excited about what i've learned thus far. It has a long wooden pedestrian bridge that's all old-school looking. I'm assigned to Shimada High School. I am thinking about many things, while trying to tie up my loose ends such as where to store my stuff, and fixing what I owe in taxes. I occasionally think about the life and people i'm moving from, and the result depends on my always changing mood. It is difficult to get in touch with my feelings right now. I think this is because I feel pressure and reverse abandonment. I just want to stop working in my boring cube in TL. I just want something different. And well, and i hope i'll find it.