Monday, August 28, 2006

24 Hour Manga/Internet/Gaming Facility

Jackpot!!!! I found the coolest place where not only can bring my computer and use the web, but there are pool tables, it is open all night, they have a nice little free drink bar, and you can smoke in here. Now I probably just grossed out any non-smokers, cuz it does smell ashy when you walk in, but it is like a studious, bordering nerdy version of a casino in here. True, I am paying ridicuolous rates to use this internet connection, but whatever, I'm rich, bitch!!!!!!!!

I thought this sign was cute, and so true!!!!

I think the little shopping baskets are so cute.

I thought that little scarecrow was kinda creepy, and yet so cute.

I thought this old lady was so windy and cute.

We had a river festival where we sailed little lanterns down this washway. This is a block from my house.

If I ride my bike for 15 minutes to the east, I find this jungly area.

Apparently, we Americans have been driving on the wrong side of the road.

What the hell does this even mean????
I'll write a separate post all about the reasons for signs like this. I wish I could just attach the Portuguese Earthquake safety video we watched at orientation which was subtitled in English for us. It kinda scared me, but in that sorta irrational way I was scared during Earthquake safety day in elementary school in Los Angeles. "The Big One" is coming any minute now!!!!

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