Saturday, March 15, 2008

Missy's House--An ode to the fact that I have never been in charge of anyone

She might remind you of a baby Kornicova
Beat you straight down like a kind of supernova
We’d all admit that she didn’t even know ya
Didn’t care or think nothing of ya

I dreamt of my best friend in a pool at night
And she was also there
Not quite as fair, but still floating there
With nothing but some leaves in her hair.

Coming down from something or another
I heard the wind stab, grab and otherwise drag
a couple syllables from her other mother
and there she stood with her hands around another

I held my drink and shifted eyes
Back to the baby under my thighs
And throughout the sass and broken down ass
I lied back in my chair and wrapped my arms around the cutest
Little thing I could find.
Right there, a piece of mind.

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