Thursday, August 28, 2008

In Japan, nature is beautiful everywhere you find it.

About a ten minute walk from Chu's house, there is a sweet, little sanctuary that makes you forget that you are in one of the largest metropolis' in the world.
Senzoku Ike is a little park with a pond that provides the home to ducks, turtles, koifish, rowboats, and park-people.

For less than 5 hyaku yennies, you can row around the lake for an hour, and enjoy the lovely scenery of the park.

This bird held my attention for about ten minutes.

Chubabe is sleeping off her ice-cream hangover, while I row and hassle my new friend, the bird.

The koi loved the olive oil and parmesean flavored crackers I brought for our park picnic.

Beautiful places can be found all over Japan. If you drive up the Oigawa for thirty minutes, you can find this paradise. Surrounded by mountains of various green hues, the river's color becomes a light blue-green from the reflection of the sky, forest and white rocks which scatter along the vast riverbed expanse.

Alone from the rest of the world, you can do anything here. We, had a BBQ and swam.

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