Thursday, May 26, 2011

Where have I been, you might ask?

I haven't visited my Fantasy World in many months. In fact, I haven't so much as mentioned the fact that I left Japan in August 2009,only to be summoned back in April of 2010. The lapse in time and the moments lived are difficult to explain after months of cyber-silence. Basically, I left Japanland when my JET Programme visa expired after 3 years, only to realize that I had stepped out of the territory where my heart thrived. That soft stone in my chest had become unaccustomed to loneliness and longing. Once I found myself living in my homeland, my childhood home of Commerce, CA. USA, I soon longed for the other home that I had matured into, the foreign, yet familiar country of Japan.

It was hard to return. The reality of finding a job that would extend responsibility for a visa was hard to find. However,after 8 months, I was able to finally find it. And,soon, I was back in baby's arms. That year was extremely difficult though. My job was unstable in the fact that it only offered 4 month long contracts. Due to some bad choices on my part, I complicated the paperwork, and created an untimely severance of my contract with this employer. Luckily, I could find another job, and then another after that to continue my legal presence here. This experience left me downtrodden, broke as a joke, and emotionally toiled. However, finally with a new job prospect for April 2011, my future in Japan began to solidify. But before the school year could change and adjust into the new life, unforeseen disaster struck my lovely home.

The earth both literally and figuratively shook beneath our feet.
Friday, March 11th, 2011 will mark a memory that I can't expect to ever leave me.

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