Thursday, October 20, 2011

Two a Day for 200 days: A GRE Wordlist (and I might as well learn the Japanese word as well)

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Aberrant (adj) deviating from the norm
常軌を逸した [じょうきをいっした] 
deviating from proper course.

Sample sentences:

People with aberrant personalities are often scrutinized, or worse, ignored.

Lady Gaga's aberrant sense of fashion gets her a lot of attention.

Many still consider homosexuality an aberrant lifestyle "choice".

Michael Jackson's aberrant methods of beauty treatments often made him the subject of ridicule.

Your aberrant choice in keitai straps has made me a little hungry.

Abeyance (noun) temporary suspension or inactivity

Sample sentences:
The abeyance of my gym attendance provokes my aberrant body weight.

Although many Japanese don't want to express aberrant views against the government's decision to continue with nuclear energy, many protesters are demanding an abeyance of nuclear power usage.

This train line's abeyance has caused a lot of people to be late for work.

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