Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Little bits of Tokyo

I was very disappointed when I realized that formatting a memory card means erasing it. I lost all the pictures of our road trip halfway down the Izu peninsula, the day trip to Shizunami beach, walking around Harajuku, Ikebukuro and our visit to Namco town, which is a little cat theme park created by the inventors of Pacman.
However, I do have a few pics from our fancy shmancy Ninja dinner, and our walkabout through Asakusa shrine. However, after the camera mishap, I lost all motivation to photograph anymore. Here are a few of my sister that she might want.

Website if you're interested in this cool, but expensive restaurant. Reservations are needed.


Ninja Cynthia and her starry senbai.

Cynthia and our Ninja menu.

The entrance of Asakusa shrine.

Cynthia and the Akasaka night view.

Maybe later, I'll be able to put up a few more pictures of our battle against the typhoon, the creepy Shining hostel we stayed in, and yummy sushi dinner--courtesy of pictures from my friend, Leonie.

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