Thursday, July 05, 2007

Longu Longu

Every Wednesday (almost), i go to the 4th floor of my local grocery store and learn Japanese for about an hour and a half. A friend I met there, named Leonie, and I usually go to the yakitori izakaya down the street for a few beers afterward. Since the first time we came to this place, we would joke about getting the Longu longu sausage. It looked so funny on the menu....a long (about 2 foot) sausage that is held to stand by a metal clutching device. Of course, it was always just a joke. However, yesterday, we thought we'd go and order it. When the waiter brought it to our table, we both broke into a hysterical laughter. This thing was fucking ridiculous. Our waiter did not laugh. Instead, he handed us utility grade scissors which we figured was to be used to cut the sausage into smaller pieces for our plates. I'm happy to say that longu longu sausage exists in this world.

Leonie and the sausage

Toby and the sausage

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  1. you should get me that sausage--yeah,fed ex it to me. that's amazing. longu longu! haha!