Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I must have been the Adversary.

I was sleeping soundly, when Batman had woken me up in the orphanage, handing me a little toy telephone that had a red, movable lever on its side. And as sudden as my waking blinks were over, he was gone again. What the hell was this little thing, I wondered. I pulled down on the little lever and suddenly my ears were in pain. There was an indistinguishably horrific sound coming from this little toy phone. Instinctively, I pushed the lever back up and the noise seemed to diminish by a couple decibals. Then, I noticed that the lever kept trying to go down. So I fought with the lever, holding it up while it insisted on going back down. I began to wonder how long I could do this before giving up. I decided to step on the phone, but something in the back of my mind told me that was not going to do any good. And it didn't. I smashed the toy and found the source of the noise. It was a flat, metal, circular object that resembled a watch battery. It vibrated when you touched it. Suddenly I was outside in an urban, American neighborhood that could have been Oakland, Long Beach, etc. I was walking quickly through the streets trying to find somewhere far to dump this annoying sound.

The thing i wonder now, as I recount my dream, is why I thought I was in an orphanage. There were many creaky metal beds with white sheets but no one was in them. I was in an old building, sleeping in a bed among many, alone. In my mind, that must be an orphanage.

Anyway, I finally was sick of looking, and wanted to drop this thing NOW. So i looked around, and just saw a couple of homeless masses huddled in the corners. So I flicked it the way I would a cigarette. And it landed on the white part of the street next to the curb. I turned to walk away, when I heard "hey, get that thing out of here." I looked to see who spoke, you know, to see if they were any real threat. It was an early 20 something with a grimey face and bleached blonde hair, so i decided to pick it back up and find another place for it. As I walked back and scanned the floor, I realized that the sound was gone and I couldn't find the stupid phone heart, plus I had to pee so I turned and walked away.

I came upon a Konbini....AMPM, to be exact. There was a big group of people there that looked like they were just taking a break from the bar across the street. Most of the kids looked pretty young and drunk. I stood in line for the bathroom outside. I was third, behind two guys of whom one of which had a Brooklyn accent. Though I can't remember the specifics, I do remember finding their banter to each other funny. In waiting, i felt a sense of urgency. I think i had to pee pretty bad.

And in a flash, the three of us were standing in the back of a big truck. I'll admit that my first thought was "this is fun" until i realized that this didn't make sense. How did I get into this truck? Why was i there? And who was driving? As I was about to ask the boys, the truck turned to block oncoming traffic and i watched a car slam into the side. I tried to pay attention to the trajectory of the truck to see when the best time to jump off would have been. The truck never flipped, though, nor did it incur any damage from any other cars besides the one that just slammed into it. The three of us were okay. The driver got out of the car, and she looked up at us. Then she pulled a Zippo out of her pocket and lighted it. As she walked toward the gas tank she said, "well, i guess I'll just blow you guys out". That's when I climbed over the wooden gates around the top of the flatbed and jumped. I was expecting a sharp pain in my feet upon landing, but i never did. Instead i was flying a little.

It was one of those uncontrollable flies, where i begin to lower down without wanting to, and i was soon on the ground, running. I got back to the same gas station, and this time there was no line. I went and used the bathroom. (I did not pee my bed).

When I came out, i saw the guys again, and asked them if they knew what was going on. Before they could answer, the truck was back. I saw it turn into the driveway, and i ran to the only place that looked safe; a tall iron gate that was painted light blue. I began climbing to the top past the height of the truck. But as I was climbing a big commotion broke out and all the people outside were running for this gate. The truck shined its headlights on our backs. I could feel it. The people were pulling on my legs trying to get me down. I knew she was going to plow at any moment. I knew my only chance for survival was to get to the top of that blue fence.
I kicked at the guy who was pulling me down and again tried to ascend the bars. I was still being pulled by my pants as i struggled. Just then, someone grabbed my arm and helped pull me up. I was looking down trying to keep my feet from people's hands. I reached the top and watched about as a 8 layer people sandwich was made. I heard the engine revving as it pushed against group of people. I noticed my friend Glen from Shimada as one of the people on the gate, and i figured it must have been him who helped me up. Before I could thank him, I saw the girl get out of the truck and point a gun as us stupid ducks sitting on the top of the gate. Easiest marks. I screamed and awoke. Not screaming but kinda moaning a little.

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