Friday, June 01, 2007

Reaping what you Sow

The first day of summer is June 21st. The heat doesn't end until mid October. I will take full advantage of every drenching summer day.

My goals for this summer (in no particular order):
Swim in the Oigawa
Camp under the stars
Climb up a rocky waterfall
Drink my own homemade Umeshu
Ride a waterride at Tokyo Disney
Boogie board on the southern coast of Japan
Beach birthday bonfire night
Make it to California for Mia and Traci's Wedding
Drown a bag of Cicadas
Take refuge in a refrigerated Pachinko parlor
Spend the night in a love hotel
Team teach with my sister
Master photoclub
Go to Ninja restaurant in Tokyo, Hello Kitty store
Buy my bass
Snorkle off the coast of Okinawa
Light skyrockets off the highest tip of Fuji
Get backstage at Fuji-rock
Party it up with departing Sempai
Learn 100 summer related Kanji
Soak in a kiddie pool
Make a Tokyo Posse
Raft down a river
Rent a car, roadtrip to Shimoda
Dance the night away in Tokyo
Party with Gabriel his first night in Japan
Hanabi like its going outta style
Secure tix to Melbourne for Christmas extravaganza with Moto, Angie, Gabby and Aimee

1 comment:

  1. i flipping love that list! it rocks and makes me want to stay in japan and do all those things with you!! enjoy it!