Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ah, Shokuinshitsu!

Today, I was standing by the newspaper reel, flipping through headlines while I waited for a copier to open up. Of course, located in my favorite spot, behind page 1 was a small story about a teacher who shot an arrow at a student's head while giving a demonstration on how to aim. I laughed out loud unexpectedly upon reading the concluding sentence. Something like "This teacher was of the lowest level of Kyudo mastery." And of course, who is there but to ask what I am laughing about, but an eigo no sensei. "That's so funny, huh? What is it?" I paused and quickly scanned the nearest articles to see if I could feign amusement at some other article. Bush visiting Kosovo, no. So reluctantly, I showed him the kyudo story. "Oh, that boy is very lucky he did not die." Another one lost in translation.

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  1. this one made me laugh--so i showed it to mm. he laughed too.