Thursday, September 20, 2007

Slack Off-ism

In general, I would regard myself as a person with adequate to semi-interesting writing ability. I'd never call myself a Vonnegut or Bukowski, of course, but I do admit to admiring their casual manner of writing as if you are just talking to a friend over a few beers. I like their style. I like how Vonnegut rambles, and how Bukowski never apologizes during drinks.

People often judge others on how they answer the question, "Dead or Alive, which literary figure would you choose to converse with?" Obviously, I wouldn't want to converse with anyone who wouldn't join me in the corner of a bar, pissed about something or other, and suggesting to move this conversation over to the parking lot across the street, when we both know he's got a bottle of whiskey in his knapsack. Obviously, I never answer that question in a normal conversation because my answer would only make me appear uncouth, uneducated, and of course, alcoholic.

Unfortunately, even years after escaping high school follies, i still succumb to obliging under what "they" think.

Rubbish, i'd say.

I am going to admit to you that i have coddled quite a bit of my homemade Ume-shu, and am now writing under the influence. You must know that Ume-shu is delicious, especially if you're of the unlucky lot who hasn't yet discovered its sweet, sticky charm. While Vodka makes one hot and angry, Ume-shu makes you smile and sleepy. It is sweeter than port and creates a melodic lull in the head which could sing babies, and quite possibly, convicts, to sleep.

My eyes begin to close as the incense wears on, and I figure that I must get to my point before the clock rages much further.

She's such an insolent, that time-keeper!

All I wanted to discuss tonight, as I summoned these windows of Bloggy was how impressed I've been with my recent reading material. Tonight, I read a story that taught me what "Royal Jelly" was. I never knew so much about bees. I never thought that i needed to. I love when people teach me something that I never even knew that I wanted to learn.

I wish love were like books.

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