Monday, September 24, 2007

Goodnight, summer.

This link was the list of goals that I had made on the first day of summer. Alas, the end of summer has passed away as such did the long weekend, and now it is time to check upon my list to see how I fared this season.

Swim in the OigawaNo, but walked in it.

Camp under the starsTwice
Climb up a rocky waterfallNo
Drink my own homemade UmeshuOishikatta.
Ride a waterride at Tokyo DisneyNo
Boogie board on the southern coast of JapanNo
Beach birthday bonfire nightDamn typhoon!
Drown a bag of CicadasUh, no. That was just a pipe dream. Although one dropped from a tree onto my head. I screamed, and threatened to throw it into a river.
Take refuge in a refrigerated Pachinko parlorYES.
Spend the night in a love hotelUH, no!
Team teach with my sisterAnd they LOVED her!
Master photoclubNot a master.
Go to Ninja restaurant in Tokyo, Hello Kitty storeCheck!
Buy my bassDecided against bass.
Snorkle off the coast of OkinawaNext time, Gadget, next time.
Light skyrockets off the highest tip of FujiNo.
Get backstage at Fuji-rockUh, no.
Party it up with departing SempaiVery little sempai partying, sister in town that week.
Learn 100 summer related KanjiCould only think of 50, but learned them.
Soak in a kiddie poolYES!!!! The coolest kiddie pool in Tokyo!
Make a Tokyo PosseYES, more of posse than before!
Raft down a riverRRRR, no.
Rent a car, roadtrip to ShimodaRented a car, roadtripped to Shujenji
Dance the night away in TokyoOn many occasions.
Party with Gabriel his first night in JapanCheck
Hanabi like its going outta styleCheck
Secure tix to Melbourne for Christmas extravaganza with Moto, Angie, Gabby and AimeeYES and NO, reserved tix, but not sure if able to pay for them.

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