Monday, July 04, 2011

Question from Reader

Dear Tee,

Where on earth did you find this information? I have tried many google searches about events but few of this information. It appears that some of the websites haven't been updated in years.


Dear Google Fail,

Ya, I know. Google be crazy, yo. But, I suppose I should now ask you some questions. Have you been searching using English? A lot of these websites are in Japanese, so sometimes it can be hard to navigate.

By the way, I'm still burdened by the lack of kanji skillz. So, I now use the Google chrome browser with the rikai-kun automatic kanji reader. This helps you navigate Japanese sites more easily.

Link to Google Chrome
You have to install the Rikai kun app afterwards.

Rikai kun App download link

You can also do this on Firefox and run Rikai chan instead.

The next question I'm gonna pose to you is: Do you use Facebook? Did you keep track of gay related events by what your friends and group members posted?

I'm assuming you are nodding your head. Well, here, Mixi is the social network tool of choice.
One of the best ways to practice your Japanese is to try to cut the time you use on Facebook, and spend it here instead. By joining various gay groups, you'll become more in touch with what's going on.

If this sounds hard, you can start off by making an account. Then find me by searching my name, Toby Siguenza, then check out some of the groups I belong to. By looking at my groups, and the groups that belong to that group, you will soon find the groups around your area of Japan. Believe me, there are groups for where you are. I'm still in the process of trying to find the community where I just settled a few months ago.

Also, if you aren't a Softbank customer, I suggest you become one and get the iPhone. Besides being incredibly useful for navigating Japan, figuring out Japanese language mysteries (by using kanji readers, dictionaries, flash card lists) It will also become a great social tool.

You didn't specify whether you are a boy or a girl, Google Fail San, but Spindle (for L girls) and Qrushr (for L girls), and Grindr (for gay boys) is quite handy. Finally, they've invented Gaydar.

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