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LGBT Resource Links collected by Stonewall Members

This list of resources were passed out by the Stonewall presenters from STONEWALL AJET, a group who provides support to LGBQT JETs who live in Japan. Soon, volunteers from the organization will be hosting a website here: xxxxxxx

Until the Stonewall website gets up and running, I'll keep these resources on my page for your reference.

Stonewall (English)
Stonewall AJET FACEBOOK Page

Also, see Old Stonewall, go to Download files and inside is an extremely useful guide, a little out of date but still freaking handy! Just open it up with Adobe, and make sure you download it before Aug. 31st, when the site goes down... Enjoy!

Stonewall google forum, Be sure to download the old, yet extremely helpful guidebook, which has a list of Gay bars/resources all around the country

Mixi (Japanese)
(gay/bi men’s mixi. Ask for an invite from
There are many women's groups here too. You can ask for the women's invite from me,

Utopia (both) Utopia Gay Japan resources

Gay in Japan (Japanese) Japanese website about gay life

Gaynet Gaynet

Ageha Club in Tokyo (largest gay event in Japan. Held about four times per year.)
Ageha, look for the gay nights in the calendar section

Nagoya Metro Club, once a month gay nights Nagoya Metro Club There is also a Metro Club in Kyoto.

Tokyo Pride Website Tokyo Pride
It is usually held in August, however this year, it will not be held.

“All about Japan homosexual” (Detailed lifestyle information in Japanese.) All about Japan Homosexual

QUEER JAPAN Book information Queer Japan

Sapporo Rainbow March Annual event in Sapporo, Hokkaido. 3rd Sunday of September (Japanese) Sapporo Pride

Kansai Rainbow Parade Osaka, October (Japanese)
Kansai (osaka) Pride
This event will be held this year, and is one of the biggest of the JET get-togethers for Stonewall members. Information will be posted to Stonewall group soon.

EXPLOSION Gay parties in Osaka (Japanese text only) EXPLOSION hosts a giant party during the weekend of the parade

Kansai Queer Film Festival: Sept and Oct, Osaka and Kyoto. Kansai Queer Film Festival

AIDS helpline: 0120-04-8840 Tokyo English Life Line: 03-5774-0992 (9am-4pm, 7pm-11pm)

HIV & Human Rights English Info: 03-5259-0256 (Tokyo- Saturdays 11am-2pm) 07-2043-4105 (Osaka- Saturdays 1pm-6pm)

Just in case you want some support from a professional:Professional Support

Rainbow Shoppers: Gay novelty shop with lots of items with quick delivery. (Japanese and English)

For the boys:

Iphone apps: Grindr (English)

Grindr Information

G2 (Japanese) G2

Jack’d (English) – iTunes store (free!)

Boyahoy (English) – iTunes store (free!)


Gclick (Japanese) Gclick (click on Japan room)
Jguys (Japanese/English)
Kiss Japan (Japanese/English)
Manhunt (Japanese/English)
Mensnet (Japanese)
Shibuya Gay bar has a list/map of gay bars in Shibuya
Bar Finder in Osaka and Kansai (good for bars in Osaka and Kansai)

Magazines: Badi (extensive club and event listings in Japanese.) “Kansai Time Out” (available in most bookstores).

For the girls:

Iphone apps:

Qrusher (English) Qrusher, the gaydar app for iPhone

Spindle (Japanese) Spindle, another gaydar app for iPhone Though most girls post in Japanese, there are more participants using it in Japan.


Bianbian (Japanese) BianBian, a social network for Lez girls (ask Lauren for an invite!)

Tokyo Wrestling (English) Tokyo Wrestling: News and Updates about lez life in Japan

LOUD (lesbians with undeniable drive) LOUD website

Dykenet (English) Dykenet registration: an email list of many Dykes in Japan, a place to go to seek information from women living in Japan. This is a great resource from everything from finding friends and girls living in your area, to asking questions about gay life in Japan. (Japanese)

(Japanese) Lists some lesbian bars in certain areas, but a little out of date Carmilla

one of the only sex shops in Japan run by women for women Love Piece Club

Candy Strap, bar scene in Nagoya Candy Strap

Some girl’s only events in Tokyo:
Goldfinger Girls Party in Tokyo
Grand Panache Girls Party in Tokyo

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