Saturday, January 06, 2007

Arduous chasm through myth and fantasm

The body is a machine that runs like any other machine, needing energy, maintenance and a source of power. These machines have been programmed with auto-piloting devices. These control panels are located in the "brain". Should you wish pimp out your machine, there are various ways to do this.

You can invest in the engine, the outer body, or the electrical systems. Though some sages of myth and fantasm have proclaimed that to best guide and keep a healthy frame, one must be clear in mind, body and spirit. This can be a very difficult task for some people. Yes, an arduous task for one like me.

I am afraid one cannot find both truth and comfort in the same breath. And in forcing my mind to open, i cannot keep in fear of debasers, thieves and squatters. I have to leave it open to the weather, passersby, and time. And think nothing of the consequences. Because I'm not sure if i believe in reward or consequence anymore.
Life is a series of loopholes.

Believing is incredibly difficult these days, so i prefer to avoid seeking, and instead focus. Simple, calm, and focus.
I'd like to have fortunate beliefs, but i'm okay with what i can believe in. But that doesnt mean that i don't admire its beauty. The existence of fortunes is a happy existence.
I wish to bring the beauty of the world inside me. I would guess beauty feels very nice inside oneself.

The depth cannot be measured without diving in exploration. And don't mention science! That's just another belief system.

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