Friday, January 12, 2007


I heard a mate talking about how the first cherry blossoms has been spotted. A very early sign of spring. Global warming. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But even in this early hour, i feel renewed. Like I went to the lake in Zelda where your hearts are filled again. My heart was filled by Japan again. Perhaps it's because I'm back to the routine. Teaching classes again, chilling with the peeps again, not talking to myself anymore. Ya. Here's some reminders of what's been etched into my brain.


  1. mummy8:19 AM

    my god ronell.i cant believe you are such a good story teller and your pictures are beautiful... i have things to do and i still want to keep reading... are you sure you took those pics... all of them..?

  2. thanks mom.

    okay, so i guess i didnt take the ones what i am in:)