Saturday, January 06, 2007

Normal Tobes, ja nai

I thought i grew up years ago. I thought i was a real adult. I thought i was able to make decisions now. And i thought i learned from all of you. I thought so many things before i thought what i thought right now. Because right now, i still feel like a kid. I feel like i still don't know. Maybe i think a time will come when all the answers will arrive. But they haven't, and I'm still finding myself comforted by big, colorful dolls who just seem so soft and cute. And i'm still distracted by cute. But there is cute, and there is cute-sexy, and fuckin' hella sexy cute. And i'm still distracted by all of those things. So i don't think i'm grown up yet. I don't think i'm a real adult quite now. So let us still play. Lest those of you who still know how to play, can join me. Big. Fellow. Balloon. and Fun!

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