Monday, December 31, 2007

2008: Year of Purifying Toby, A Rat's Recuperation

The Reunification of Mind, Body, and Soul: Simple Goals for a Simple Girl


1) Read about things that I am lacking in knowledge.
(World History, Current world news, economy, languages, finance, photography)

2) Study Japanese: baby talk is no longer acceptable for someone who has lived here for a year and a half. Enroll in a real class (around March). Until then, learn 10 Kanjis a week, 30 vocabulary words and 5 grammar points.

3) Write in a more scholarly way. Begin Tokaido travel guide. Write and submit 5 short stories to a major publication. No more of this lazy blogging shit.


1) No drinking and No smoking.

2)Each week, do 2 PEs with students, and 3 after school sports with clubs.

3) Become a pescatarian and water drinker.


1) Meditate and do yoga every morning.

2) Expel angry, sad, evil feelings into the river, or tea fields. Ignore negative thoughts and replace them with happy, self-motivating thoughts.

3) Do yoga everyday.

4) Practice guitar at school.

5) Decide the plan for the next few years. Think of something constructive and meaningful, and devoid of hesitation and self-doubt.

Accomplishing this few simple goals will make you a much better person.

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