Monday, December 17, 2007

Shimada meets Los Angeles

I visited home, but also accompanied my students on partial pieces of their school trip to California.

If you want to hear the students' impressions of their trip, as well as learning about the preparations of their trip, please visit our 二年生の英語のブログ。(2nd year English class Blog) at this blogspot address:
(島田高校の英語のブログ)Basically, my students being awesome, as always!

My sister and I went to Los Alamitos High School, one of the 3 schools my students visited. This was one of the classes that my students gave their presentations in. It was Japanese class. Had I known how frustrating it is to live almost 2 years in a country without a good command of the language, I'd have studied it in high school. Oh wait, I attended a tiny Catholic school without certified teachers. I barely learned Spanish. I wish I could have gone to a super school such as this one. I had Koko envy.

All the students had an American buddy to show them around the premises. Somehow, I got them to collect to take a massive picture. I don't remember kids listening to teacher figures, but somehow, it still happens.

My sister loved my students.

I love my students, too. Here we are on a Main St. ice cream shop in Disneyland.

And here we are again waiting just off of the Finding Nemo submarine ride.

A class photo of 23 homeroom.

Nemo, found.

It was so cool watching the kids give the presentations they've been work working on for months. I was like a proud mamma bird.

And the American kids loved the shit out of it. It gave me a newfound respect for kids these days. Go babies!

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