Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Losing my Memory Card

Succeeding through one world, brings you to the next. I’ve passed through many and this one proves a challenge. Energy has been lost, lives as well, but I’m here. By this point, I am in the middle of a night, with just the lonely illumination of my modern, seemingly fruitless perseverance.

I want to turn it off, get some sleep, perhaps prepare for school. I’d like to find the courage to disregard all the points I’ve collected, monsters I’ve defeated, levels I’ve lived through. But I’m here now, and I’ve never seen this one before.

Surely, this will be over soon. I will discover the path, find every key, meet but another boss. I’ll probably lose a couple lives along the way, make a few mistakes, and run my time down after falling into the hidden traps that were designed for just that purpose.

But this is merely a game, yet another test of endurance, dedication. I may not sleep tonight, nor complete my studies. I may face another tomorrow filled with mothers who come into your room at night, turn off the world, preaching wasted time, forcing bedtime. And I shall sleep.

Until tomorrow. Only to return, press reset, and get there once again. Only, this time, in half the time and a fourth the effort.

Many people believe games are a waste of time and energy.

And life?

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