Tuesday, July 01, 2008

六月祭 (Mina tsuki sai) June Festival

In the eyes of the students, the most exciting time of the year is the school's cultural festival. They plan it for months, and look forward to the June weekend with great anticipation. Since I already knew what to expect, and wrote about it in great detail last year, I won't bother writing about it again.

What is Shimada High School's School Festival like?

However, I would like to mark this memory with a few notes to my future self on how I wish I could have done it better. Next year, I want to be more involved in things, I should take note that meetings about the festival begin happening at the beginning of the year. Next year, I want to start making a performance for the OC class earlier. I also want to be in the band disney performance.

These are a few of my OC students.

Look carefully, and you'll see that I am getting flipped off. I wonder if it is wrong that I react with laughter and amusement. Well, perhaps since I rarely witness rebellion, it strikes me as comforting when given just a little.

I love this picture. This is me peeking in on tea ceremony club.

It's pretty awesome to see your quiet, obedient students rocking out.

These didn't taste as good as they look.

I love this photo for a variety of reasons. Firstly, everyone is in pink. Secondly, pictured here are 2 of my favorite students.

Number 1 is Eisuke, a quite amusing boy. He's not in my OC class, however, he became memorable to me last year when after his trip to California he wrote his entire English diary assignment on the hot sauce he bought at the Farmer's Market called "Off your Ass". During the show and tell performance, he put a big spoonful onto a banana and ate it in front of the class. It was awesome.

Number 2 is another of the nameless kids.

Number 3 is Hiroshi, one of my amusing and secretly good at English OC kids.

This year, the OC class performed Green Eggs and Ham. I was surprised to learn that nobody, teachers nor students, had ever heard of this book before.

Here is one scene with Shizuma and Naomi.

I was extremely proud of their effort.

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