Friday, December 15, 2006

Back to the Shizzzle

Well last weekend I lost my keitai. My cell phone. It is a bit of a worry now that I've gone back to Club Etti, where I'm pretty sure I lost it, and found no luck. Ya, i know. However, my lil buddy, Kate, helped with my search and we found a pretty cool little place to eat sushi. All the thanks goes to Shizeki, though, who is Kate's fave teacher at her school. He's the one who recommended the place. He's one dude who's food opinion I will always respect ever since he took us Shimada kids to eat the best soba I've had thus far.

This sushi place was very fun because you can order via touch screen TVs, or pick something up off the moving trays, all at an affordable price. I can't wait to bring mom here when she comes. I think she'll like it. I came to a new problem since i have learned to post videos. Now my videos are too big to upload. Stupid stupid.

Earlier this week, I totally complained about not taking proper photos of Xmas--Japan style. And I didn't do very well again tonight, however I did find a few things. Maybe I was just preoccupied with my celly. Hai Douzo. If you are wondering about the Hai Douzos, you should stop cuz apparently it means anything you want it to mean. So fuckin' Hai Douzo and shut up. Just kidding, my precious invisibles.

And I liked these kids who were playing in the station. Jouzu, i'd say.

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