Saturday, December 09, 2006

When I wake up, in my makeup

Seriously, Christmas in 15 days? I'm about 6 chocolates behind in my advent calendar. Okay, 4 now. My neighbor, Hiromi, gave it to me. Sweet, huh? Anyway, I am amazed at how fast everything seems to be going. Does this mean that I really am old? My dad told me that time gets faster and faster. If it could be demonstrated mathematically, it would look much like an exponential graph like X to the power of y+1. X is the way time feels to you while Y is yr age.

I believe him. Although, the thing I've known ever since childhood is that time moves slow when you are awaiting something wonderful, or serving out a sentence of some kind. Like when you're sent to yr room and unable to leave until "i say so". Or working some tediously boring job like data entry at an insurance firm waiting to come to Japan. For these causes, time moves like the turtle I saw in the road that one day. Which totally just shows I'm loving where I'm at. But now, it's already x-mas season. It's gonna be 2008. We'll be in the year where I turn 28. Fuck.

I apologize to myself for forgeting my camera last night. I happened to end up in Shizuoka for a Xmas party. A 6000 yen Xmas party. Which is actually not as hideous as it sounds because I've spent more on drunken benders in the past. Anyway, the real reason I wanted to have my camera in Shizuoka was to photograph the Christmas season expressed in lights. The city really becomes much more beautiful when there are lights everywhere. Also, I hear Christmas musik everywhere. Though, that's not always a good thing since sometimes it sounds like the christmas rendition of elevator techno, which is my umbrella term for that fast, repetitive high pitched, sounds like it was made by my Casio. Whatever. I just wanted to show you that the signs of the season are everywhere, yet they don't celebrate Christmas day, so i've been told.

Took the morning train home. 5:15. Rode my bike okaylike. Got too hot this morning with my blanket. Did my thing where I overviewed my night to check if I did anything too idiotic. No, was pretty PG-13, though I did reach my loud, obnoxious level where I become a little harrassing....not too bad, though. Upon the overview, laughed again at what I was laughing at while leaving the club all the way back to Shimada. I won't bother telling the story, as you just had to be there.

Today, i'm wondering if I should wash my face before dragging it into the public sphere. I'd like to rent a couple movies and just chill proppa this beautiful Sunday. I don't feel as shitty as I should, but still just wanna watch movies. Wish I could vacation for one of these hungover TV days at Vernon Terrace 2003. When I woke up, and my friends lived in the same place and already began breakfast, while putting in Old School as background noise. Having fun with these kinda new friends really makes me miss my old friends. God, i miss you like crazy.
Gonna rent Old School. Yep.

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