Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Bon-Enkai or T's Christmas night

My Christmas was spent in the following ways:
Talking on the phone to my family while listening to them open their gifts.
Talking on the phone to my Gabby while trying not to miss the inland empire.
Opening my packages that I had saved for that day.
Cooking Xmas cookies, banana bread, stuffing and a whole chicken
Last minute cleaning before my big trip
Joining in a big dinner with all the teachers and staff from school
Trying a new hot drink, Sho-chu mixed with green tea
Taxi Ride home in the rain

A small Japanese garden at night
Shimada-koko no sensei
My din-din of crablegs, sashimi, beef with veggies, etc.
Sho-chu is very strong.
The Izakaya where the afterparty went. After a certain point of drunkenness, my photos usually end, which is too bad because I haven't any pics of funnest part of the night. Oh well.

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