Thursday, December 28, 2006


Takayama means high mountain. My buddy, Racheal, had mentioned this place, and as it seemed lovely located close in Gifu prefecture at a pretty high elevation, but it still had not snowed after Christmas. Here are some pictures of the Hida-Takayama "old town" that has a little replica of what houses and life was like in Japan during the 1600's or so.

This is what the inside of the houses were like. The little fire pit in the middle has a name that i forgot. This is where they'd cook their meals and keep warm.

Here is one of the houses. The roof is made of straw and mud and moss.
This is the lake.
Here is another of those indoor fire pits. They smell rather nice.
Here is a little placard that gives some information on one of the houses.
These are what the mountain trees look like here.

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