Thursday, August 18, 2011

How to have a box of fresh, organic, local vegetables delivered to your doorstep

This Autumn, I am planning to do a raw food cleanse in order to rid my body of all the toxins from this summer's junk food and beer-drinking. Since vegetables and fruit shopping can be a bit expensive in Japanese supermarkets (for example 200 yen for one zucchini, 2000 yen for a watermelon, 300 for a few eggplants), I decided that I need to find some other option.

When I worked in Yokohama, a vegetarian co-worker used to have his vegetables delivered to him from a farm in Ibaraki. That was before the earthquake when radiation fears frightened people from produce grown in the northeast part of Japan. At that time, he gave me the website to the farm, where you could order and pay from your boxes through a form on their website for their farm, called Mananouen . I was very impressed.

He used to bring a beautiful and healthy bento to work everyday, full of colorful vegetables which were in season at the time. After browsing the website's pictures of sample boxes during each season, I noticed some vegetables which I couldn't recognize. I asked him how he was able to use the vegetables that he wasn't familiar with. He answered that he would merely look it up on the internet and search for recipes on how to prepare the mystery vegetable.

Autumn is often regarded as the most delicious season in Japan. Since this is the time when many vegetables are harvested, it's probably also the best time to start up your farm fresh vegetable box delivery system. I figured that it would be cheaper and fresher to search for a farm within Shizuoka, preferably in a city close to mine, where I might even be able to pick up the box. After searching the kanji 農園の有機野菜 + prefecture's name in kanji
農園 のうえん nouen---farm, plantation 有機 ゆうき yuuki---organic 野菜 やさい yasai---vegetable

So for example, I searched for 農園の有機野菜 静岡県.

The one I liked the most because of the proximity to me was:

To inquire about how to set up the delivery system, send them an email


The email that I first composed was the following.

Afterwards, I asked somebody to check it, and they corrected it to this. I had made some grammar mistakes, and there were some things that were a little too difficult for me to ask.

野菜のセットに興味があります。I am interested in the vegetable sets.
たとえば、セットBとセットCの中身は何ですか?For example, What is inside sets B and C?
ABCのセットの野菜は全部静岡県からですか?Are all of the vegetables in sets AB and C from Shizuoka?
そろそろ秋になるので、どんな野菜がありますか?Since it will be autumn soon, which vegetables will be sent?
そしてその野菜のセットはどう注文したらよいでうか? Also, how do I order these boxes?
振込みで買えますか? Is it possible to pay via furikomi? (bank transfer)
農場に直接買いにいくことはできますか?Is it possible to pick up instead of home delivery?
毎回違うセットを注文することができますか?Is it possible to order different sets each week?
以上が質問です。Those are all the questions I have.
よろしくおねがいします。Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu (the thing you say when you're asking for something to be done, such as for them to answer these questions)

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