Wednesday, August 03, 2011

A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down (Making up for the seriousness of the other posts)

At the Stonewall Group B get-togethers on Monday and Tuesday night, I was able to meet a bunch of fun and happy new JETs just thrilled to be in Japan. We got on the topic of blogs, and two girls recommended some that they liked. I had a few beers in me, and knew that i'd definitely forget the names of them. Luckily, I that has happened to me wayyy too many times, so I made a note in my iphone, and checked it out tonight.

I enjoyed their Osusume.

The blog is called Dear Coke Talk

Some of the highlights that I enjoyed:
Do you think a pro-choicer and a pro-lifer could ever date?
Sure. They'd better use condoms, though.

Do you think Sarah Palin is truly an idiot (which isn’t hard to believe), or that she’s secretly an evil genius? It’s three in the morning, and it’s really scaring me.
She’s not an idiot, nor is she a secret evil genius. Sarah Palin is mundane and middling, a paragon of American unexceptionalism. It’s her mediocrity that should terrify you.

Does kissing have a more romantic connotation than sex?
Kissing costs extra for a reason, darling.

Another site recommended was It's like post secret, need I say more? Some of them are a bit immature, but some of them are interesting, funny and occasionally raise interesting questions.

Hope you enjoy them! It was nice to have something new, halarious, but light to read now and again. Thanks girls, I'd give your names, but perhaps you'd prefer to remain anonymous. Well, that's why I'm not posting the pictures of our fun time out at Nicho, btw. I really wanted to, though! Everyone looks so happy!

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