Friday, September 09, 2011

Forest Fired

Something to play while I share my dream.

It's not usual for me to feel uneasy in a woody setting. I'm usually at home in the forest, though I will sometimes get a little "antsy" around insects. I was hanging around the front of a cabin with my brother and his cronies who were planning a robbery. However, this robbery was so elaborate that they needed to ignite a forest fire in order to distract local residents and authorities from their actions. At first, I was curious about what they were up to, but after overhearing something about charcoal and gasoline, I decided that I'd rather not know. I was warned that I ought to stay close to the shore of the lake because they weren't sure how fast the flames would travel. They put their plan into action quicker than I had anticipated, because suddenly I felt hot and realized the trees around me were on fire. It was quite a run from the lake, and I headed toward it. I had to run through fiery bushes, and my pants had caught fire when I finally reached the lake. I tripped, but luckily it was one step before the edge of the pier, and I fell awkwardly into the lake.

As I looked back on the burning forest, I worried about my brother's safety. The next thought of doom that entered my head was that my iPhone was in my pocket! Motherfucker!

Suddenly, I was being questioned by the police. They had reports that it was arson. I said that I had no idea what happened. They returned a little later and asked to see my fingers. I remembered the coal that they were unloading from boxes. I had thrown a couple back into the box. I had some black smudges still on my fingers.
I decided to stick to my story.

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