Thursday, September 01, 2011

September Events in Homoland

So September has come and summer fun is becoming but a memory. Well, just because summertime is ending doesn't mean that the good times have to end as well. This September post contains all events that I hear of, or have picked up flyers for in Tokyo. I list events for men, women, mixed, and more. You may want to stop back at this post later, because I'm updating this as the news comes in, and as I pick up more flyers or see events pop up on Mixi or Facebook.

September 17th-19th
Kansai Queer Film Festival
A brilliant event with films from all over the world about sexuality making up its own rules as it goes along.
A must for anyone interested in alternative sexuality OR films.
Here's the English website for tickets
The other schedules are in Japanese, but here's the map. The location is in front of the UMEDA station, the HEP building.
The timetable of the movies is also in Japanese, but could be useful if you are using RIKAIKUN.

At the end of this post, I have a hotel recommendation for those needing accommodation, which I wrote for those planning to attend Kansai Rainbow Pride next weekend.


September 17, Saturday

Goldfinger's "GIRLFRIEND" Party
Here's the website: click here for some girlfriend info action


September 18, Sunday

Nagano Rainbow Festival
This gay/lesbian/mixed dance party, welcoming trans, drag, and FTM is just a couple minutes walk from Nagano Station in Nagano Prefecture. It will feature some drag shows, go-go dancers, and various DJs.
Sounds like a lot of fun!
Here's the information website and map.



Here is the website for the Grande Panache girls' party.


Here's a preview of next month, the wonderful world of October! The Kansai pride's date has not been set yet, but i'll update with the most current information as I get it.


2 minute walk from Yodoyabashi Station on the MIDOSUJI LINE M-17 exit #1

The pride goes Walking down MIDOSUJI ST.


HOTEL-KANSAI, click here for details.
7 minutes walk from UMEDA Station which is 1 station away from where the parade starts.

This is one of the cheapest and closest hotels from the parade and after-parties. This hotel has single rooms, double rooms, triple rooms and quad rooms. If you're on a budget and plan well, you can stay as cheaply as 2,500 yen a night.

For example, the room below is a single and it cost 3,500

This room below is a double and it costs 4,500

If you want to make travel a lot easier, I suggest either taking a Shinkansen down to Osaka, or if you're on a budget, take a bus. Navigating bus websites in Japanese is a bit difficult, so I'd suggest going to your local JR station and trying to make a reservation in the bus office. It's much easier to do those things face to face.
However if you'd like a website that's in ENGLISH, where you can get some idea about times and bus routes, then check out this website.

A little blurb from me, when I was a newbie back in 2006. This was the second gay event I went to including the Stonewall night out at Orientation. I was so new, so unknowing about Japan. Check it out!

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