Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dryer than May

Day 31 has finally arrived.

Tomorrow morning will be the 1 month mark of no drinking and no smoking. On Saturday, during the ride home from Yamanaka-ko, Andy stopped off at a big liquor store in Shizuoka. I found Herradura and Tanqueray for pretty cheap, so I prepared for my descent back into debaucherous alcoholism. I also bought a few lime Chuhai's, my 3rd favorite flavor. First favorite is Mango, second is Freeze Orange, and third is lime. Aloe is my least favorite, though I occasionally claim to love it.

I'm so tempted to take shots of my Tequila and chase it down with a super limey G and T with olives. Why? Well, just to piss myself off, and to fail to reach my goal mere hours before the mark. As much as I thoroughly enjoy engaging in failure, I will refrain, only because I hate hangovers, and I only want to deal with one or two for this week. And I'm sure I can count on one for Thursday. To be honest, what I miss most is beer, most specifically, a nice heady Newcastle in a pint glass, but I'll settle for a Yebisu noma-biru. (or a green Yeby hops in a can, whichever)

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