Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Happy Birthday

I know I'm a terrible daughter. How unthoughtful of me to have not called you on Mother's Day. And then when we do talk, be annoyed at the story you're telling me. I'm so sorry. Sometimes I can't help my behavior when my mood turns foul. I will wake up early tomorrow though and be sure to wish you a happy 47th. You know, I'm getting surprise how we both are rising in age, me climbing into 30 with you on your way to 50. Our 19 year difference seems to be feeling smaller.

Anyway, I wish that I could have taken your complaints and worries about things more seriously. I just want to hear more good news, but I guess so do you. I'll try to make something good happen, so that I can call you with some good news, but for now, please just accept my wishes for a you having a Happy Birthday. I love you, Toni.

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  1. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Ahhhh, I was reading all your comments hoping to see your crazy cat and saw this comment you wrote for my birthday... I know you get annoyed about things but if I don't tell you, you would say "why diddn't you tell me this...." but ok from now on I will shut up and talk about other things... You have to remember Mother's day and Birthdays are just one day, it is what our live are like the other 363 days of the year that makes the differace in our lives... dont sweat the small stuff, I love you too... MUMMY