Sunday, May 06, 2007

Zenzen dewa shiranai

What was I thinking? Giving up drinking and smoking right before Golden Week? Seriously? Well, I did, and had fun in Tokyo and Saitama anyway. We started out at Chu's bar on Wednesday night, and then hit the trains up to the women's center.
Here are some pictures.

First time drinking non-alcoholic beer. Not bad.

We found a box of 7 kittens underneath a bridge, where they laid with their eyes sealed shut with dried mucus. We cleaned their eyes so they could see, and eventually brought them back to Kim's bathtub. The kitten I picked up first happened to be Kusa and she came home with me the next day.

Kim took Tara

And Pixie took the rest.

Besides kittens, we also sang.
And learned new things.