Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Last year, I was on the SF mailing list which was plagued with a bunch of stupid questions that were totally answered in all the information packets they send and provide on the internet. However, once I signed up, I never took myself off of it because I thought it too much of a hassle.

However, now that the new JETs have received their placements, the emails are back. And stupider than ever. I am not refering to the newbies since I know what it felt like having all those questions and wanting to know as much as I could before going. No, my complaint is with the sempai. Somehow, it makes me feel like they're just a big bunch of know-it-alls. Not all sempais suck, but a couple of them did and for some reason those are the loudest and most attention grabbing.
Why am I even wasting my time writing about it? God.

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