Sunday, November 26, 2006

And as a Tokyo digression

I just wanted to tell you, Ricky, that I have finally found the stupid MIDI cord that I've been searching for. I haven't been able to put the GNX to full use since you gave it to me on my birthday, but now i will have not boundaries. Tomorrow or the next day, I will venture to Hard Off, a used electronics store in my town, and purchase a MIDI keyboard. My music stand will now be complete, and I can get right back to lazying my days away recording strange noises and making musik. The brass band club has such an unusual sound as they simultaneously practice their instruments. The noise is so bizarre. I can't wait!!!111

PS. It is strange that none of the electronic stores in my immediate area have been able to supply me with such a typical item. Another thing that they have failed to make available are those lights on cords that allow you to hang up your paper lamps. What's up with that? If you can find one of those for me, and send it, i'd be eternally grateful, as my living room is in dire need of soft pink light.

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