Friday, November 17, 2006


Why have I made fort downstairs in my living room, you may ask?

To be closer to my new BFF, the heater!!!

I quite like it! It reminds me of staying over dad's house on weekends as a child. It was always so fun when me, ricky, alex and cynthia would get to sleep in one big mass on the floor. Never going to sleep when were were supposed to, playing the boat game (something like playing house, but on a boat marked by our blankets), and trying to hypnotize each other, then waiting for someone to fall asleep first, so that we could play a trick on them (like the time we put Alex in the bathtub while he was sleeping). That was funny. Only, here in my living room, I am alone, though somewhat comforted by my false Chuck E. Cheese rat.....

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