Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ten things I want to write about this week....

10) I have been collecting daily photos of my lunchtime bento boxes that I feel needs explaining, as I'd like for you to see the traditional Japanese foods I've been ingesting.
9) I have been missing Griselda and her son, Aiden soooo much. I want to share the story of the time I accidently got a 5 year old high.
8) Japanese is a very difficult language to learn. I want to explain to you why that is so. Despite my inablity to study after long days of trying to understand simple conversations, I want to teach you some things. It is truly one of the coolest languages I've encountered so far.
7) I want to discuss my reasons for recontracting, which will include why I love Japan so much, am amazed by the people, despite recognizing myself as a true American who will probably never be able to fully adapt to way of life here.
6) I'd like to share what if feels like to come to terms with being American and both the positive and negative aspects that that status holds.
5) I'd like to talk about the weather. What it feels like on your skin to walk out in summer, sweating. Then a few months later, shivering in Autumn. What on earth is winter like?
4) I'd like to predict the interpretations of Japanese life from the possible perspectives of all my family and friends once they get off their asses and decide to come and visit me.
3) I want to share the experiences and thoughts of all the other wonderful and not-so-cool gaijin that i've met as a participant in the JET program..
2) I'd like to get back into my original plan for Fantasy World, where I bring my fantasies here into Japan. They are running rampant in my head, and I need a cage to store them.
1) I'd like to explore all the ways this place is changing my perspective on everything I know. I feel like I have already begun to change....into a teacher, a gaijin, an closer observer, an asshole, a friend, a lover, a past lover, a griever of the past, and of course, a writer. I want to write you letters, posts, messages. I want to be your friend, I want to be everyone's friend in some way...but I'll be satisfied on staying your mistake...your mistletoe, your clandestine bottle of wine, you life's worth of mimicry and deceit, your fabled student and teacher in one!!!

Number 1, I'm talking to you!

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