Sunday, November 26, 2006

Tokyo Found

People have asked me if I see Geisha walking around, and I often tell them that I do not live in Kyoto, folks. However, Yukata looks very similar to Kimono, so I took this picture of a girl I saw in Tokyo.
Eating in Japan can be really fun. It is even more exciting when you get to see your food being made right in front of your eyes.
As much as I love Nintendo and Playstation, I cannot fail to lose my money in mere seconds, due to the fact that these arcade games are extremely difficult to play. At least, for me.
AmPm exists in Japan. Did you know that?
I found a little district of Tokyo that resembled San Francisco/Berkeley soooo much. This picture does not do it justice, as I wanted you to see the Mikky D's and Starbucks, however, I found the coolest second hand clothing stores, and used guitar store will I will surely revisit once I decide that I will buy an electric guitar instead of going on these overpriced vacations to Southeast Asia. I will save the travel for March, when I am better prepared....
Part of my joy in traveling by myself is that there is nobody around to tell me no. I oftentimes have urges that drive me nuts if gone unfulfilled. And one of my urges has been to jump down into the tracks and cross to the other side. Having nobody around to keep my idiotic behavior in check, allows me to do such things, and photograph it.
Did you wonder why I called Shimokitazawa, little SF/Berkeley? Well looky what I found!!!!! Look familiar? This reminded me of Sherin, and also Moto and my days in Fenwick with the making of certain shirts. Member?