Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The wind blows everything back into my Face

So I've reverted to smoking inside my house again. Also, my windows are closed. Why on earth would a claustro-phobe like me, do such a thing? Well, cuz it is FUCKING COLD outside. I'd say that tonight it is colder or at least the coldest it gets in San Francisco. And I have my heater on. The wind outside is howling like a fucking bastard and I'm wanting to go file a complaint. It sounds like a ghost, and I do not like it at all. Although, this afternoon, I loved it. It may have been because it reminded me of one specific day that lays like a dreamer on the beach of my mind. What does that mean? Well, in about the year 2001, I shared a baggy of magic mushrooms with Fawad, and spent the October-ish day outdoors. Today was that day incarnate.
I remember being in my apartment in Fenwick, eating those bastards in a peanut-butter sandwich. As Fawad, Sahar, and I listened to what may have been the Magnetic Fields, we felt it. So outside we went.....I remember first, we headed up to the roof to get some air and perspective, however, really all we felt was the crazy wind. The windiest day of the year, perhaps, in the bay area. We chilled on the roof, making jokes, talking shit, being stupid....when we say the inhabitants of Apt. 9....Apartment nine lies on the bottom floor, and is built for the handicap. We were house managers at the time, so we knew this. We also knew that wheelchair Nick was a strong presence in the neighborhood. I remember standing on the roof, laughing with Fawad and Sahar as we watched him and Tiffany, the other wheelchair lady getting it on. I remember he was fully reclined in his chair, and she was rolled up on top of him and they were making out like for real.....We were so amazed at their agility, and their freaking stamina. We stared like vultures from the sky as they made their hands into each other's pants. WOW!!! Public handicap nudity!!!! HOT!!!

So soon we grew bored and decided to walk to the park, like any mushroom-trippin' Berkelites would do.....on our walk up Dwight to People's Park, we noticed the wind....and we noticed the dark red leaves falling from the trees. We noticed that Sahar's hair doubled as the agent that made us all crazy that day. The crazier her hair got, the crazier we got. After spending time on the swings and teeter totter, we decided to get some food. Intermezzo it was. Salad does wonders for feeling like this, believe me.

Once we made it back onto Haste, into Sahar's apartment, we just laughed. We talked and laughed. We watched her hair be crazy, laughed at that, and then laughed some more. Finally, it was time to watch mindless television. This is when we put on Sex in the City videos and let our brains turn into mush. Not much longer after that, Eugene, their extremely old roommate, returned home and threw a bag onto the table. It looked like crackers, so we all indulged....onto our salads they go....

Only to our surprise, they were acid laced croutons. Here is where my Berkeley life becomes epitamized.....casually chewing on some yummy bread, not to be known that the rest of the night would turn into the craziest night of my life....having solo lectures in my living room at 2 in the morning....being cracked out in my bed at 5am, then trying to get to class at 9am, while having thousands of tiny gadgets chasing you through the streets of Telegraph, while thinking only a Jamba Juice could save your peace of mind. And that was my windy day experience in college, only now but a crazy little reminder of friendships that slip away like gold strings.

Ahhhh, windy days, what memories you do share....

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