Monday, November 06, 2006

Keepin' it real in the Shizzz--

So I'm thinking that 1.5 times of acting a fool in the span of the 4-5 days I've been in constant contact with people is a pretty good ratio for me. I mean for drinking as much as I did these past few days, I'd go so far as to say I'm impressed by mere 1.5 times of being stupid and regretful. Anyhow, that's not what this post is about, rather it is here to share the good times I had this weekend representing Shizuoka, yo.
I suppose I ought to begin on Thursday (sadly pictureless) when my neighborhood peeps came by and watched Labyrinth. Great film, noticed some parts I hadn't before, which is always pleasant. The night did end, however, in the early morning hours with the 4 of us screaming at the top of our lungs to songs off my Ipod, one particular song, Bohemian Rhapsody. The next morning, I felt extremely bad for my neighbors, and apologized to my immediate neighbor, who I hope wasn't too annoyed by our gaijin ways.
Thus to off-balance Thursday, I DID plan on going to a party but then realized that I was unable to access the ATMs on a holiday. By the way, the holiday was called Culture Day. I didn't do anything very cultural, I will admit. In fact, I think this weekend, I didn't do anything Japanesey at all. Oh wait, i think I lazily made myself some Ramen on Friday afternoon, does that count?
So it's technically Tuesday morning right now, 3am to be exact, and this happened all because of my attempt at a 20 minute powernap. Instead of sleeping to 6:20pm, like I planned, I slept till 1:30am, and haven't been able to go to sleep since. Right now i'm in the process of downloading last week's Lost, which I amazingly went about 5 days without watching...
Ya, so anyway, Friday was chill, and I substituted milk and honey for the usual beer or whiskey. It was pleasant. On Saturday, I went to the Shizuoka Street performer's festival where we found our Northern Shizuokian buddies. I hadn't seen those foolios in awhile so that was a nice surprise for me. I guess now is the time for some pics.

Here were some music makers dancing through the streets.

Here's our little group of Gaijin who made some attempts at tray spinning, but really only succeeded in Kirin-drinking.

Here's our little crew showing some Shimada love....

And last here we are at an Izakaya where some of the items we ordered off the menu included nasu (delicious eggplant), gyozas, and raw horse. Yes, i said raw horse, bitches....

On Sunday, I awoke in Fuji city and ate the most delicious Hfuritata (fritatta) ever. Sorry, Gabby, but this guy, Scott, who made the delicious breakfast is a professional cook, man, and there were noodles in it...So I think it might just beat the fritattas we used to make. Later in the day, I barely made the Shink back to Shizuoka for the viewing of a movie I've been waiting ages to see, Snakes on a Plane. Or, Snako Flight-o. And it was as good as the poster I was staring at that day I ran the red light and almost crashed my car. All in all, I'd have to say I had a pretty good time on another of the many three day weekends.

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