Friday, February 23, 2007

Loopy-(adj)-term used to describe one suffering from The Loops

The Loops-noun: a state of consciousness caused by after-effects of dousing the brain and other important organs in the body to a substantial amount of abusive conditions. Most commonly associated with the days following ingestion of alcohol or other cell killing agents. Some describe the Loops condition as feeling as you are running on the last 2 percent of brain capacity. Doctors claim one should not operate heavy machinery or make critical life decisions while experiencing the Loops. (see also: the loopy loops and Loopidity.)

Saturday, and most of Sunday was spent suffering through and recovering from the Loops. I did so by sleeping until 3pm, until deciding that I ought to come downstairs and fill myself with some H2O. After a bit, I tried to ignore and conquer the terrible way I felt by sending some texts to Kate and Glen to see if they were heading to Hama, as planned. I said to myself, "self, if they go, you're going. so just deal with it." After some time spent in the wonderfully warm womb of my electric blanket, I learned that the kiddies decided to keep it a Shimada night. And after my arguments with my blanket on whether I would leave it or not, I decided to make us both happy and pack it to come with, thus beginning my journey to K's house, then Glen's. The night was quite pleasant as always, spilling into today. Very low key, very minimalistic, very chill and delicious. Delicious is the new name for the great nasu/parmesean-pepper bread meal that Kate and I have perfected. After a couple of Simpsons and Family Guy episodes, we had a bit of talk, attempts at Japanese study, then Trader Joes' sipping chocolate, and I came back home to clean and prepare for tomorrow.
Now that it is all done, and I'm close to heading for bed, I will tell you exactly how this case of the Loops was formed. It all began at Locky's birthday dinner where I discovered that this restaurant serves Coronas with LIME. Real lime! Not the little packets of lemon juice that they attach to the neck of the Coronas you buy at the Konbini. Which, coincidentally I had discovered for the first time the night before after Dave's and my attempt at watching the newest episode of Lost. To tell you the truth though, the little packets of lemon juice are not that bad, just not the same as having the little squirty lime pulp with some salt chilling on the rim.
So yes, Locky's dinner, at a little restaurant whose name I now forget, in Kikugawa, was quite nice. Here's the delicious cake.
Here's a group shot. These kids have all been here since last year, and will be leave Japan in August, which i'm pretty sad about. And another with me.Here's a nice pic of Grace and her boo, Dani.Here's a pic of Kjell, Dani and birthday boy. Grace was the mastermind behind the shot, as she wanted a picture illustrating the great difference in height between the boys. That makes this a little funnier, doesn't it? Good job Grace....but yr a meanie!
I call this picture the Love Train.

And this one I like to call "Who's turn to Say Grace?". *
So shortly after I drank a whole lotta Coronas, and two WiSuKi RokU (whiskeys on the rocks), I rode home with them on the train and departed first as "Sugi wa Shimada desu" (Next stop, Shimada) is the first of the stops after Kikugawa. After departing the train station and unlocking my bike, I began to ride when I felt a small vibration in my pocket. It was a text from Leonie, saying that her and her work buddies are drinking in Shimada. So I ask where, and what the fuck....they are right around the corner in a bar with a red door, glowing light tables, and a dart board. So I enter, introduce, and order more beer. The night continues in this fashion for a couple more hours. And boy can these kids drink! Also, I discover that Cat's boyfriend is totally False Tom Gilmartin. He reminded me of him so much, down to way he talked and the jokes he told. After throwing back a few, I was on a nickname basis calling him Champion, as I used to call Tom. After playing darts with the girls, they grew frustrated at my strange talent for dart aiming and we left to sing some Karaoke. This involved buying more beer, and by that time.....I was much past my limit. We sung cheesy things like Smooth Operator, Karma Police and Bohemian Rhapsody before feeling like all the alcohol has finally hit our livers. After stumbling out of "My Pleasure" karaoke, I said goodbye to these new strangers and began my bike ride home.
This was not cute. In Japan, it is illegal to drink and ride your bike. AND, for good reason. There are ditches, and small roads everywhere that pose serious dangers for any bike rider. Just ask Davey, who has already fell into a stream (unharmed thankfully), but then ask Ethan, some kid living in Shizuoka who broke his arm after passing out into a river. I found it incredibly hard to ride my bike home on Friday, let us just leave it at that.
After returning home, I decided I still wasn't ready for bed, so I came home and checked my email where I found my mother and brother casually surfing the web, logged into Gmail chat. This is when I found out that Toby is going to be an aunt. Yes, my bro has knocked up (his exact words) his new girlfriend , and will be soon having a child. Though, my reaction was more along the lines of "what the hell are you thinking?", I cannot wait to be an aunt. I'm going to spoil that kid like frickin' crazy. Even though I will miss the first year or so of its life while being here in Japan, I will still guarantee that I will stake my claim as favorite aunt ever. Just watch and see!!!!
*yes, i know i'm cheesy and stupid. My answer to what?


  1. Shimada is the first stop after Kikugawa. KANAYA WHAT

    Who is this Leonie character?! Her and her friends sound cool (i.e. drink waaaay past their limit, since I equate alcohol overconsumption with coolness).

    I thought Grace's boyfriend was gay the first time I met, really, "never seen a vagina since birth" gay. Is everyone sure he's not?

  2. Hmm, maybe,
    But I'm not sure if your theory has been explored as much as Jung's theory of projection;)
    hugs, senor