Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The bugs are back!

I'm usually a little weary about answering my house phone during the hours I know California should be sleeping. So if the phone rings after an hour of returning from school, I take it as my cue to step out my front door for a smoke. Only tonight, the rattley ring switched places with my smoke through the barely open window, so I came back in, still lit, opened my kangaroo Cabernet and answered.

Oh, Dad.

I suppose it's not his fault that his job ends after 10pm, thus making 1am the time when he gets just drunk enough, just bored enough, just lonely enough to call me. It's been since New Years-ish since we last spoke. And well, to be honest, I really wanted inside my bottle of wine. A week is just too long for such a thing to rest upon my shelf.

So after the obligatory greetings and gruffings about my faulty machine, my ever-nonpresence at home, and an unwillingness to return emails, I ask him, "How's taco tuesdays?"

There we go! Weave and dodge, lady, weave and dodge.

He admits that taco tuesdays left when I did, due to Del Taco's ever-changing advert campaigns and FX's re-scheduling of The Shield. The fact that tequila still remains (x2) unsaid.

He breaks the moment by asking what I'm reading, which we both know is always a successful topic between us two. Only this time, did I have to bend the truth, and not for my usual purpose of making things more interesting, but to avoid another argument. If I admitted that I was back to reading BK, he'd just remember our last conversation about books, father figures and religion. If I admitted to putting BK on hiatus to read the borrowed book, Middlesex, I'd only hear sarcastic remarks about the subject matter. He's not so much of a fan of hermaphroditis, incest and sexual ambiguity as I tend to be.

So I lied and told him i was reading Bridget Jone's Diary. This is not so much a lie, as I actually did finish it last weekend. And I'm not going to pretend that cheesy, Cosmo-esque literature doesn't entertain me. And I won't lie in admitting that I enjoyed the 2.5 hours I spent in bed with her. So there. Bridget Jones is awesome. What, wanna fight about it?

He didn't get to the point of the call until I was halfway done with my last glass of wine. This posed quite a problem. So i took in the shortened version of family drama, and announced that i had a previous engagement. This is where I took in a shower, prepared tomorrow's graduation ceremony outfit, and slipped under my electric womb and oldest friend, Fyodor. I don't know what it is about this book that draws me in like an orphan to a stranger's Christmas dinner. Though I can spout the boring, pretentious topics that so many of my peers find crucial while discussing this book, I prefer to focus on my facination with the least drama-addled, thus most boring character, Alyosha.

I can't help but be attracted to this person who is given so much attention and adoration for being the most gentle and naive being. He's the complete opposite and foreign personality from the author in that his character's heart is pure, untouched by the shittiness around him, most specifically Russia and his family. Yet, the novel godifies him, literally idolizing his naivity. I just become enamored of the author so much more when I see him...obviously crazy, been through the harshest conditions of societal condemnation, suffering silently through years in a pound you in the ass Russian prison, and almost welcoming the abandonment of all his friends and family.....still muster up the kind of innocence, hope, and naivity to shed lavishly on such a minor character.

This brings up the thoughts of the minor characters in everyone's life, though I'm only qualified in naming my own. I'd like to think Mark Summers, the host of Double Dare, to be one of my minor characters. That show meant alot to me once.
I have other, real life characters.....names I mutter in my sleep, pictures of whom i fold into books, children of those I stalk on myspace. If I weren't in such a weird mood, I'd be likely to indulge you.

But alas, I feel this might be more of a Subrosa topic. So I will just draft for now. But I would like to say just one more thing........

"The bugs are back, and they're gonna be in trouble....
hey la, hey la, the bugs are back...
When you see them coming, you better cut out on the double
hey la, hey la, the bugs are back..."

I was accosted by a swarm of gnats on riding home from school. They molested my vision, and attempted entrance to my mouth. Some of them succeed in all attempts. I hate those bugs. I hate em for real!!!!!

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