Thursday, February 15, 2007

Simple girls are pleasured by

simple things. I had a very good day today, though nothing specifically wonderful happened. Perhaps it was just the windy weather and a windy mood that did me in. I suppose the unexpected invitation to go and see the ume (plum) blossoms in the middle of the school day began things. Or maybe it was how I spoke on the phone with a long, lost friend. Perhaps it was the facinating conversation I had with adult learners of English about city vs. central government when subbing for my friend, Grace's, night class. Then again, it could have been the super cute conversation I held with one of my students on the train ride back home. (Broken English, broken Japanese convos are the best!) Then to top it off, perhaps it could have been the friendly hi/bye passing-by I had with a group of teachers who were heading home finishing an after-work drinking session. By this point, I had decided that it would be nice to stop by the Konbini and buy a plum chu-hai (like a wine cooler) to keep me company as I write about my lovely day. Which ended perfectly when my favorite store lady ran out of the back room after hearing me say "konbawa", or "nice night" and gave me 2 cans of green tea. Today was so friendly and it made me happy. Simple pleasures for a simple girl.

Mr. Yamaguchi and Mr. Fujita suggested that we take an afternoon drive to see the plum blossoms which only bloom for about 2 weeks. So we did.
After passing by the take (bamboo) woods, we found a small field of plum trees. Since Fujita-sensei is the leader of the mountain hiking club, he knows all the good spots.
They taught me that not only are the blossoms delicately scented, they also come in several varieties which means different colors and sizes. These had white leaves with pink middles and radiated a delicious scent.
The pinker ones may be a bit more beautiful, but lack in a such strong, sweet scent.
I came.
I saw.
I conquered.

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