Monday, February 05, 2007

Still Sapporo

Not long ago, my mom was telling about the delicious pizza dinner she had. I replied, and i quote..."really, tell me more about this "pizza" you speak of." When she asked me, "why, don't they have pizza there?" I couldn't quite express my feelings. Perhaps this photo can.
Here's something you may not have seen.
Just cute. I'm a bigger fan of cute these days.
Just funny. I like funny too.
You might have to click on this picture in order to see why it was taken. Take specific notice of the outfits the schoolgirls in the window are wearing.
I thought this was a nice representation of visiting the weekend BEFORE the festival actually begins.
And finally, "think of the children. Won't somebody think of the children."--mayor from southpark

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  1. mummy8:12 AM

    oh my god, now i know what you are talking about.. pizza.. yuck the egg has to go... i know you can make homemade pizza..