Tuesday, February 06, 2007


A small stream runs through the university. We witnessed black crows wading, but for some reason they flew away as i approached.
My attempt at child abduction.
Tasha told us a funny story about this boy who lost his bike for a winter due to a heavy snow. That was funny. It reminded me of the Big Bear City legend of the boy who went missing and whose body later reached the banks of the lake once the ice was shooed away by the Spring. I didn't tell that story though, because after the reaction to my last morbid story of the cat in Gilroy, I decided death stories are no fun. True, I am telling the story now, but morbidity in print is so in these days:)
This made everybody laugh, including me. Natasha beautifully described it as a drowning snowman. There were further jokes on this scene, but they cannot be recreated, so I'll bother not.
Haha, oh these Sapporian jokesters!
Trying to be like Austin powers.
Japanese nature flaunting its beauty once again.
I'm still confused by this. For those of you unfamiliar with the geography of Japan, check a map and see why.

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