Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Happy Sappy Sapporo

My travels consisted of Shimada->Shinagawa->Haneda Airport->Chitose Airport->Downtown Sapporo. This is the view after walking out of the train station. Take notice of the chosen attire of the two women walking outside at night. The temperature is about -6 Celsius. Uhhh, ya. That's Japan, man.
Click the pic for a larger view, and you will see
the ad for Suntory Whiskey. For a relaxing time, make it Suntory time.
Before departure, I spent the downtime of waiting to board by skimming through the brochures. The third tourist spot listed was the bust of William S. Clark. I was sure to bring this strange fact to the attention of the kids I was chillin' with. It made me laugh. However, I did in fact encounter this bust while checking out Hokkaido University. The uni was very beautiful with the vastness of untouched snow, however I still thought that mine has a prettier campus. William S. Clark is the founder of HU. We surmised that he's probably from Masschusetts. As it turns out, I developed a huge crush on Mr. Clark. I even lucked out by acquiring a small pin, captioned by his motto "Boys, be ambitious", while trying out the hyaku toy bubble machine.
I purposely left out Sapporo's best claim to fame, the beer brewery because we all know where that delicious beer comes from. From here.
This is the clock tower. It, too, is high on the list of tourist spots, but not that impressive, or so i thought.
Now here's my happy place. I admired it for 2 days before finding it on route to the delicious crab restaurant we dined in. As a few of us were walking to it in hopes to ride, it went to sleep. I did not get to go on the ferris wheel, or the false London eye as it was more popularly named.
These are just sticks. They help the trees survive the heaviness of the snow weighing down on the branches. I'm actually a little confused as to why i posted this. Whatever.
We all know my fondness for my best friend, biru. No caption is necessary.

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